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Sunday, August 7, 2011

my amazing aunt.

hi my name is tiffany and i am 9 years old. i have amazing aunt elizabeth (Georgia) when i was four she baby sited me for one summer it fell`t like it was for ever it was so much fun i love my aunt elizabeth (georgia).but when she was baby siting me she did not have no kids but know she has two grate and wonderful kids and i have so much fun with them. she has one girl and one boy. and me and her love to cook together. we cook lots and lots of stuff and it always tern out good. i am so so so lucky to have a grate aunt and she is the best one on earth we have so much fun should be wishing that you had her as a aunt. and just one more thing i love my aunt more than anything. by tiffany.

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  1. How precious! Tiffany, she is just as blessed to have you as a niece and talks about you all the time! =D She loves you to pieces and enjoys the time you spend together as much as you do! Did you like those lemon bars?

  2. Well, that is just one of the sweetest posts I've read this morning. Love it.

  3. thank you everyone for commenting! she will be so excited to read this! she kept wanting me to check back and see how many comments she got :0) So cute!

  4. thank you so so much commnting my post by tiffany.


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