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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bottle Feeding a baby goat

We went to a wonderful farm called Uncle Donald's Farm about a year in a half ago with Savannah. We had such a great time. I've posted some pictures here from that trip before but never these photos!! They aren't the best quality as it was difficult for  my husband to postion himself to take them but he managed! It was so much fun getting to feed a baby goat or a "kid". I tried to play it off that it was all for my Savannah but secretly I had a blast. I've always said I'm a city girl with a farm girls heart!!


  1. I clicked on this link without realizing it was you! You are such a good mommy and provide your daughter with such wonderful educational experiences. :)

  2. That´s so cute! :) LG Tina

  3. Baby goats can be a hoot to watch! I bet Savannah thought it was great.

  4. I've always enjoyed farm visits. The animal farms - goats, chicken, ducks, pigs - were fun to watch. I'm sure your daughter had a blast there getting acquainted with the animals.

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  5. What a lovely experience for kids!


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!