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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Chicken Coop

So I finally felt comfortable putting up pictures of my chicken coop. It has been a work in progess but I think it is pretty much complete!

Over view of the chickens realm.

I don't know if they will use this as a nesting box.
Please comment your thoughts on this. But I
used this as a brooder and they love to go inside.
Paid $5.00 for it. The wood and cinder blocks FREE!

Old Rabbit Cage FREE from the side of the road.
The "ladder" to get inside of the coop FREE
from the trash. The only thing I paid for  is the tarp to
keep the water out and the hay inside.
This picture wasn't taken THAT long ago and yet
I can't believe how much bigger our Mamma
chicken is!


  1. This is so inspirational--it's always helpful to see what others are doing in the backyard chicken world. We have a small coop but our girls need to have an exercise yard attached to it. I am getting up my nerve to start construction. Since we have a coyote who passes by the coop every morning on her inspection tour of the neighborhood's potential tasty treats, the yard would have to be very secure and we aren't that experienced at building things. In the meantime, the girls love their coop. and are very safe inside it. I'll have to post some pictures soon.

    Thank you for all your chicken posts. I'm a fan!

  2. You were innovative and resourceful, for sure! What a nice home for your girls! :)

  3. Awesome coop! Don't you just love free stuff? That makes it even MORE appealing. Great place for your girls!

  4. Very Resourceful! and oh doesn't that feel so good to build your own! Your ladies will love it!

  5. Is there a reason why you had the chicken coup up high? I have no idea, so don't laugh at me. My SO's mom still have one on their farm, but it's not that far off the ground. Fantastic that you take an interest in the chicken coup building.

  6. the only reason i have the chicken coop that way is because that is how i found it on the side of the street lol. but in it is nice because it can create some shade for them. during they day they are almost always under their cook because it is cooler plus it might help with predators!?


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!