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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Re-purposed Chicken Coop

One goal I had for my blog was to photograph chicken coops I came across here in the city. I love looking at how people us every day items and re-purpose them into a chicken coop! So much fun! These photos were taken of my (former) neighbors chicken coop. Unfortunately, I was dragging my feet taking my camera over for a photo shoot. So these photos were taken after they had taken the chickens up to their new property. Enjoy!!

The "coop" inside the coop was made from old
closet doors someone was throwing away. They
cut out the middle and filled it with chicken wire.
It was the original coop when they just had 3
chickens. They were using it to separate a
few girls who were not playing nicely.

These photos (above and below) is the nesting box
and area they slept in. They used an old window.
3 pallets and the fence to create it. The window
made for easy access to the eggs and to clean.
The roof was an old awning from their house.

Entrance to the nesting box.

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  1. Great ideas! I've also seen chicken coops made from cans (beer, coke, etc). My husband and I have considered getting chickens for their eggs, but I'm too afraid something will kill them, so I keep saying I'll think about it next year.

  2. I just knew this was you when I saw the icon! :)

  3. Love re-purposing. Love chicken coops. Two in one? LOVE IT!


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!