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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Weekend Goals

Occasionally I like to post my goals on my blog mostly to encourage ME to get them done!! They all depend on how my house looks when I come home from work. See, I work two days a week and one of those two days my husband watches the kids. Even though most of the house looks pretty good right now, usually it looks like a toy store exploded after he watches the kids. So lets hope I don't have to add re-cleaning the living room and toys up to this list!

  • Make at least one freezer meal
  • Clean all my floors
  • Finish the laundry
  • Clean and organize the back room
Let's see how many of these I accomplish! Hopefully, I will accomplish all of them!


  1. You are the kind of woman who can do anything she puts her mind to. I am always so impressed with what you get done!

  2. My house generally looks like a toy explosion every day. hehe

  3. I love your list. It's too hot here to make a list of my own, so I'll just use yours, if you don't mind. ;)

  4. i don`t mind at and i under standd what you mean by being so so hot


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!