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You may be wondering why in the world I call myself Georgia, while I tag my children with the names Savannah and Atlanta.  Let me open up a little here.

My friend, her husband, and I were playing American Idol on the Wii.  While singing the song "Midnight Train to Georgia" my friend laughed so hard, she almost peed her pants.  It's one of those you-have-to-be-there type moments to really understand.  I have a way of being a little, well, dramatic when it comes to entertaining.  Yes, I can be quite the ham. Honestly, I make quite a few people laugh really hard, though, and I like that.  

After that evening, my friend dubbed me with the name Georgia because of my winning performance.  When I decided to start a blog, it became my pseudonym.  I ran with that and decided to refer to my children as Savannah and Atlanta, since it was fitting.  =)  My husband received the name Florida since...well, he is from Florida!

You'll see many kinds of posts on my blog.  I enjoy learning about almost anything.  Questions are extremely welcome here, and I'll do my best to answer any that come along.   

Here's a little window into my life:

Atlanta(son) and Savannah(daughter)