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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visit my chickens!!

I had know idea what picture or post to do for the letter "V" today!!!! I looked through all my photos and the only thing I came up with was to let my viewers visit my chickens!! If you have spent anytime looking at my blog you can see I really enjoy my chickens. Check out my chicken page here to read more on my chickens. I'm just a city girl trying to live a country girls dream in her backyard!

The grey and brown chicken above is
"Momma" she is a blue laced wyandotte.
The brown and gold chick above is "Honey"
she is a golden laced wyandotte.
The black chicken in the backround is "Crazy".
She is very hard to catch and is well a little crazy.
I think they call her a golden laced wyandotte
as well. If you know better than me feel free
to let me know!!!


  1. Wah this made me sad because I remember Esther my pet chicken and my rooster that was included in the barn massacre done by our neighbor dog ^_^ -sniff-sniff
    Thanks for the visit and the comment I do appreciate it!


  2. Very funny! Don't know why.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. You are the poster child for chicken owners. :)

  4. Ah-ha! Seeing your pictures just helped me sort out a couple of my half-grown chicks. I've got wyandottes and ameracuanas and couldn't tell who's who yet. (Not that it matters!)


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!