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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grandmas Perfect Pancake

There are many opinions out there on what constitutes the perfect pancake. Some like their flapjacks thick and fluffy, while others like theirs thin and a little crispy on the edges. My perfect pancake was inspired from my Grandmother. A couple times a year, we would go to Florida to visit her ( I grew up in Ohio) and I couldn't wait to eat her pancakes every single morning. I would have been happy to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! They were thin, crispy on the edges and tasted like buttermilk. When she died, she took her recipe with her. She never wrote it down and never let anyone help her make them. I tried for years to re-create my Grandmas pancakes and finally found a recipe that was very very similar. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!!! Click here for the recipe.

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