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Saturday, September 25, 2010


While in Key West, we went on this amazing boat trip! We were in Key West with another couple and rented a private charter boat. The tour was suppose to include dolphin sitings, snorkeling and a trip to a sand bar to go shelling. Well, the dolphin siting was amazing! I have actually done dolphin cruises a couple times, and never saw anything like this. Even the captain of the boat was amazed! We counted at least 27 dolphins all swimming along with the boat, it was absolutely amazing! Savannah was so excited and kept pointed say "I see it, I see it!".  Here are the photos :0)


  1. The water is so beautiful, allowing for these great shots as well! :0)

  2. How exciting to see those dolphins, especially for Savannah. We went on a dolphin cruise a couple of years ago on the Alabama Gulf Coast. First time I had ever done anything like that. Fun!

    The 3R Ranch

  3. Wow! I wish I could be there I've never done something like that. Great photos =]

    Thanks for posting your link this week! As you can see the blog is a bit lonely at the moment, we need all the readers we can get to make it more fun. Thanks again =]

    Photos of all Fids - Come and join the fun!

  4. 27 dolphins? Wow, amazing and what great shots.

  5. We have had many dolphin in the waters of my beach also. So much fun to watch them.

  6. Wow close up shot of the dolphins. Very nice.


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