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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hot Florida Days

At this time of year some kids might be playing outside in the fall air enjoying the leaves, pumpkins and all things fall. Then you have those of us that are still living in the oppressing 90 degree heat with so much humidity that beads of sweat form on your face the moment you step outside. The only saving grace this time of year is either the beach or in our neighborhood Lake Pasadena under the oak tree. The kids LOVE to go there and "catch turtles". To hear them talk about it you would think they are running some sort of turtle catching business. The reality is, they are "armed" with a butterfly net and a box of cherrios. The lure the turtles in with the cherrios, lower the butterfly net into the water and catch a turtle. It makes a great learning oppurtunity because the kids can see the turtles up close. We let the turtles go almost immedietly after catching them. The kids have so much fun it is worth the short walk in the heat to hang out under the oak tree and catch turtles.

A Florida Cooter and some minows. The kids think
the larger minows are pregnant.

Even the baby gets in on the fun. He likes
to watch from the stroller.

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  1. Looks like a perfect day. My boys would love to explore there!

  2. I am right there with you. The baby is napping and I just got the recycling out of the garage and into the car and I literally have to change my shirt. I am soooo jealous of all those bloggers in their boots. I'm just hoping that Halloween isn't a total sweat fest again this year.

  3. Oh my...still 90 degrees...he it's only 10 Celsius...not sure in Fahrenheit.

    But my kids would definitely love to explore there.


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!