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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easy Kitchen Tips

Here is a quick list of common cooking tips that I have found very helpful. They come from questions my good friends have asked me, questions I have ask my mom and just plain old trial and error. If you have any to add, feel free to comment!!

  • Yeast expires. Check the date before you use it to bake.
  • Whole wheat flour can go rancid if you don't keep it cool and if you keep it for to long.
  • When in doubt follow the directions and use the ingredients listed in the recipe!! I don't know how many friends I have who tell me "they can't cook" but when I investigate futhur I find they don't follow the recipe as it is written because they don't have certain ingredients etc.
  • Shake your Worcheshire sauce before using. Don't believe me? Turn the bottle over and look as how much "stuff" is at the bottom of the bottle. Shake it to mix it all back together.
  • Look at your baking powder. Some brands will tell you to shake the can before using.

Happy Cooking!

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