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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Central Park, NYC

I feel that I have been very blessed because I have had the opportunity to see a lot of our large nation. On two occasions I got to visit a very dear childhood friend of mine who lived near New York City!! I can not take credit for this photo, as my husband does all the photo taking while we are on vacation. I personally thought he did a great job capturing the city, nature and the sky in the photo! I hope you enjoy!!!

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  1. Oh yes, he did a wonderful job for sure! Everything is proportioned perfectly. I love the skyline in the backdrop... it's really pretty!

  2. This is a wonderful photo of NYC's tall buildings rising above the lovely Central Park lake in the foreground. Great composition--kudos to your husband!

  3. That is an excellent picture, Georgia! :)

  4. Very pretty. Despite living in the NY suburbs for many years, I never made it into Central Park.


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