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Monday, August 29, 2011

Make Ahead Pancakes

Growing up my mom ALWAYS made a fresh, homemade breakfast. I never thought anything of it until I moved away. I now see how much work she must have put into making sure I always had a nice fresh breakfast. I found for my family, the best way to ensure a fresh homemade breakfast is to prepare ahead! When I want to make pancakes in the morning I prepare the night ahead.

First, I mix together the dry ingredients.

Second, I mix together the wet ingredients (note: not the best photo)

The next morning, I combine the two and make the pancakes! This saves lots of time but still gives you the ability to have fresh homemade pancakes!

Click here to see my Pumpkin Pancake recipe. Click here to see my Buttermilk Pancake recipe.

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  1. Hi Georgia! I see that you know you won the Goat Milk Soap!! Congratulations! Please email me your address so we can get it to you.


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