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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goals for today!

This post is dedicated to my friend Gene over at Living so Abundantly. She always encourages me to set goals and meet them!!! So, today I have decided to take her lead and set some goals! Let's see if I can actually get it all done!!!

  1. Work on the laundry
  2. Bake some cookies
  3. Make meatballs
  4. Keep Savannah entertained without the televisions help!
  5. Have Savannah sleep in her big girl bed for nap
  6. Work on my blog
  7. Work on Savannahs potty training
Ok....I'm getting depressed just writing this!!!! I hope I can at least attempt all these things. So let me get off this computer and GET TO WORK!!!!

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Thanks so much for your encouraging words!