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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fallen Heros

"Just called to see how your night went. Love you babe!". That would have been the last thing I said to my husband had things went differently Monday. You see, my husband is a St. Petersburg Police Officer and was one of the first officers sent to a house where 2 of his fellow officers were shot and killed. I want to say God was watching over him yesterday, but how would the wives of the other officers feel about that? Was God not watching over their husbands as well? I can't answer those questions, but I can say I am thankful. I am thankful that my husband made it home alive. I am also thankful that I married a man who isn't afraid to serve and protect his community. I asked my husband how it was that he didn't end up in that house. He said when they gave out assignments he was told to go in the back of the house and had they told him to go in the front he would have went without question. That is what service is all about. To go where others would not go, without question. Needless to say, I am thankful he is alive tonight and I ask for all your thoughts and prayers to go out those officer's families who did not make it home. You can read more about this news story here.


  1. I am thankful that your man is safe. Praying for the families affected by this tragedy. What a sweet reminder, Georgia, that you never know what a day will bring forth!

  2. he read this before he left tonight, he said he really appreciated it and it was nice! thanks gene for stopping by :0)

  3. Hi Georgia,

    Thank God for protecting your husband. I am too for the other families. May they know His mercies and comfort. We may not understand at times why God allows certain things in our life but if we belong to Him, we can have the firm assurance that He loves us and is in total control. When we leave this world we enter into our eternal rest yo enjoy His love and worship Him without hindrance.

    Thank God for blessing you with a husband who isn't afraid to serve and protect his community. May God continue to protect him and use him as a good witness for Him. May God keep your family close to Him and bless your family with many blessings. Thanks for your visit and encouragement. Take care!

    with Warm regards and prayers,

  4. that must have been very hard for the wives of the two other officers but thank God your hubby went home safely. praise God!

  5. A perfect post for those of us also mourning a fallen police officer in Indianapolis. Thank your husband for willingly serving in the face of daily danger.

  6. Praise the Lord for your husband's safety and service! My husband serves in the military so I think I know some of the emotions that you are feeling. So thankful for your husband's presence, but yet heart broken at the loss of life.

  7. Oh wow! I'm so glad he made it home safe!


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!