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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sorting out baby clothes!!!

Well, I am so thankful for good friends!!! A very good friend of mine had a baby boy a couple months after I had Savannah. She graciously gave us 4 big bags of clothes for our new baby boy who is due in November! That was a real blessing because I have cut my hours down at work and we really didn't have the money to go buy a lot of baby stuff!!  I put all the bags in our "spare" bedroom. As you can was a big project to tackle to get it all organized and ready to go!!!
Thankfully, Savannah took a VERY good nap, and I was able to tackle this room and get everything organized! She woke up toward the end (PTL) and helped me finish up. Now all the clothes, blankets and toys are sorted and ready to go!!

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  1. You are a tackling tornado! :) Awesome work!

  2. way to go on tackling all the baby clothes! the room looks great!

  3. great job! i remember being blessed with bags and bags of hand-me-downs. the job was always the sorting to make sure the new baby got to wear them all!


  4. Hope God continues to bless you.


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!