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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Day in the Life of Savannah and Georgia - Part One

The inspiration to write this comes from my mother who loves to keep lists!!! Me, being a not so detail oriented person, have a hard time keeping lists, and if I do have a list I lose the list!!! She showed me my "baby book" where she wrote down everything I did for an entire day when I was about one years old, and I figured perhaps I would do something similar...except with a bit more flare and flavor. So, here I go!!! Click here to read my introduction, it will give you a little insight into our lives and might make this a bit easier to understand.

8:30am - Savannah and I woke up just as Daddy was getting into bed. We snuggled and cuddled for about 15 minutes and then decided to get up!! In true Savannah fashion, she immediately wanted something to eat and drink. She walked around saying "shink...shink" until I got her some fresh water for her sippy cup (we do not do juice in our house) and then I put a waffle in the toaster.

9:00am - Breakfast (being the bad mom that I am) consisted of us watching Sesame Street which comes on every day at 9am and eating bananas and frozen waffles. Savannah found a bag of dried fruit which had never made its way back into the kitchen and figured out how to open the bag while I was in the bathroom. She proceeded to dump out the entire contents on the coffee table and fed the fruit to herself and the dog who has had doggie diarrhea for the past day....I am sure dried fruit will not help in that area. I cleaned up the mess of dried fruit, and quickly ran off to take a shower while Elmo was on entertaining my daughter. It is amazing how quickly you can shower once you have kids!

10:00am - Turned off the TV and set Savannah up with 2 crayons and a pen in her highchair. Taped a very large piece of paper to the table (I pushed her high chair up to our dining room table) and let her color. I meanwhile checked my facebook, my blog and texted my sister-in-law who is also expecting. This will be her first baby, and has endless questions for me regarding pregnancy, parenting etc. I try to help, but God only gave me so much patients and she has been using up a lot of them lately!!

10:30am - Done with coloring, wants down and now decided to chase after the dog and cat. Our poor dog is getting older, but tolerates her so well. I decided to be nice and let him in our bedroom to sleep with Daddy. Savannah wasn't to happy about that and shouted her baby gibberish at our bedroom door. I am very thankful that Daddy can sleep through anything!! He never woke up through any of this!!!

11:00am - Decided it was time to fold the clean laudry that has been sitting in my garage for a week. So pathetic, I know, and i am hoping someone who is reading this is does the same thing!! I put the laundry basket on the couch, turn on Boston Med (which has been waiting for me to watch since Thursday in the DVR). Savannah LOVES helping with the laundry. I give her one piece of clothing and let her help. Everytime she reaches for another piece of clothing that has either been folded, or is sitting in the basket waiting to be folded, I tell her "NO". She knows what "NO" means, but is a very strong willed child, and will look me directly in the eye with one hand on the clothes daring me to do something. I had this battle with her the entire time I tried folding the clothes (which is why they sat in the garage for a week!) until she found a pair of my clean underware. Now, I can't believe I am about to share this with the world, but I doubt this will be read by many! She took my underware (clean underware) and was very entertained for a good 15 minutes dancing around the house with it on her head! I ran with it and quickly finished folding all the clothes. She then "assisted" me in putting everything away. I would let her carry one item to each room so she felt like she was a part of the project. Some how we even put all of Mommy's and Daddy's clothes away in my room with out waking him up.

12:00pm - Oatmeal time!!! Savannah loves her oatmeal, so we did a quick lunch of High Fiber instant Oatmeal. She quickly cobbled it up and said "more more" so I cut up a hot-dog and microwaved it for 30 seconds. This being one of her all time favorites, gobbled it down. I took her out of her seat and she had a BM and then while rubbing her eyes said "". She went and got me three books and we read them all. She loves the Usborne books because they are interactive. Each page either has a lift the flap and/or touchy feely characters. She likes to take my hand and make me touch everything. To cute!!!

1:00pm - Off to nap!! Crawled in bed with Daddy (yes, we co-sleep...I will be awaiting the hate mail eagerly..and no, we don't know what we are going to do when baby number two arrives so please don't ask) and snuggled up. She cried for about 10 minutes and then fell into a peaceful slumber.

1:30pm - Made myself lunch, checked my Facebook (ok so I am a Facebook addict) and am now sitting her typing all of this!!!

This I fear is LONG enough...perhaps next time I will do an after nap time edition.  My hope is that some other mom will read this and totally relate and feel glad that they aren't the only ones who lead a crazy, boring life.

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  1. I loved your Miscellany Monday post describing your morning. It's always fun to read about other blogger's days.

    And no hate mail from me. My babes stay with me for quite a while. It's so easy when they're newborns -- momma gets her sleep then.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. What a sweet little lady! Thanks for sharing- & how fun that you are expecting! Congratulations!
    Have a great day!

  3. Well love how ya put miscellany monday into a list of your day post! Uber cute pics of your little girl and love your doggy in sunglasses just presh!

    I'm a new follower super cute bloggy you have

    Summer :0)

  4. It's been a while since I had a little one in the house but if it makes you feel better I can still relate, been there & lived to tell about it : )
    Enjoy this time - it flies by much too quickly!
    happy monday

  5. It is amazing how quickly we can shower once we're moms! I have to shower quick because I have two little monsters who LOVE to terrorize my entire house, especially when mommy is in the shower.

    Visiting from Monday Miscellany! Hope you can stop by ours as well!


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!