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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Size,Shape and Color of my eggs

Now that my chickens are finally laying, I love looking at the different size, shape and color of the eggs my chickens lay! I love educating the neighborhood kids on that fact that not all eggs are uniform shape, white and come out of an egg crate. I asked one of the boys if they wanted to see one of the eggs my chickens laid....he said "I know what an egg looks like!" I replied "Oh really?"  I brought out my eggs (and a few from my friends chickens). He got to see blue eggs, olive colored eggs, dark brown, light brown, big and small eggs. He was shocked by the variety! I find the variety and diversity of chicken eggs amazing and fun. Here is a picture of the eggs I have been getting from my "chicky poo's". I would love to see photos of your chickens eggs! Leave me a link so we can all check them out :0)

Looks like a face !!

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  1. I'll get busy taking pix of our eggs--the girls are producing some lovely ones. I'll post a link in the next couple of days.

    People with no hens of their own must think we're nuts. One of the ladies at my knitting group couldn't stop laughing when a hen-lover told about stopping the cooking process in the kitchen to take photos of the double-yolker in her pan.

  2. There--I've posted photos of my eggs and the chicken house and Bitey Albertina, too: Behind Door Number Three.


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!