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Friday, July 22, 2011

Making your own Frozen Waffles

As a kid, my mom ALWAYS had "home made" frozen waffles in the freezer. Now, I wanted to be like everyone else and eat Eggo's for breakfast, but my mom said they were tooooo expensive!! I vowed never to be like her and make my own frozen waffles, but guess what?? I did and they are awesome!! Much better than Eggo's and much cheaper!!! Here is how you do it!

  • Make my waffle recipe or yours. I find if I have all my ingredients out and pre-measured it goes much faster.

  • Set out some cooling rack for the waffles.
  • Heat up the old waffle iron and start making waffles!! Don't make the waffles as big as the waffle iron, it will make them easier to place into the toaster to reheat! I place each waffle on the cooling rack as soon as I take it off the waffle maker.

  • Once all the waffle batter is used up (and you eat a couple) wait until all the waffles are completely cooled!! This will keep the waffles from getting soggy from condensation. Layer each waffle between wax paper and gently place inside a gallon Ziploc bag. Don't let any waffle touch the Ziploc bag, be sure wax paper makes a barrier, this will prevent freezer burn.

  • Clear off a shelf in the freezer and place each bag in the freezer. I think I was able to get 3-4 waffles in each Ziploc bag. Place each bag in the freezer, do not stack until waffles are completely frozen!!!
  • To re-heat, simply take a whole waffle out of the bag, break in half and place each half into the toaster. Sometimes it takes two trips through the toaster before they will be ready to eat. Add butter and syrup and you will be in waffle heaven!!!


  1. Great tips -- and I love your photos too!! :)

    When I freeze waffles, I like to leave the waffles in a stack to cool, so they aren't as dry-crispy. Then when we toast them to re-warm, they get hot and crispy! :)

    Tammy from Tammy's Recipes :)

  2. Great pictures. I need to do this. Hubby love homemade waffles, but I hate the mess. Maybe if I make one huge batch and freeze them, I could have them for him more often.

  3. These will be great to get made for the kick-off of the school year. Make our mornings so much easier. Thanks!


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