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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Give Back Thursday #5 - Grace

Grace. Grace can mean so many things. Grace is what God shows us each and every day. Grace is also the name of a very dear friend of mine. She babysat Savannah for me when Savannah was a baby. Savannah dearly loves Grace and Grace dearly loves Savannah. When Grace went back to the "real" working world, I was afraid we would see her again. Fortunately for us that was NOT true. Grace has continued to be a wonderful friend and visits us quiet often! Savannah is always so happy to see her and her wonderful dog Pip. This weekend Grace stopped by for a visit right before I was going to head out to the store. She volunteered to stay with the kids so I could go shopping.........ALONE. It didn't matter that I was shopping for things such as fruits, vegetables and a bag of sugar, it was the fact that I was ALONE. I was only gone for a little over an hour but Grace showed me some grace by giving to me her time so she could make my little girl happy and letting me get out by myself. Something I very seldom get to do!!! How did you give back this week? Did anyone do something particularly nice for you too? Please share with us so we can inspire others to Give Back!!

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  1. Look at those smiles! :) You can tell that your kiddos love her to pieces. She's so young!

  2. It's great to have people who love our kids and whom they love back.

  3. Praising God with you for such a friend.

  4. i am sher thare aer people how love you and your kids just as much or even more god bless you and your kids and have a grate saterday or the rest of the .


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