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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Happy Baby Product

My Happy Baby loves his free Happy Baby Apple Puff's I got him!! I was hesitant spend the money to buy because I wasn't sure if he would like them. Then I found out about Recycle Bank! By spending about 20 minutes doing the little activites on Recycle Bank's site, I quickly earned enough points to get one free Happy Baby product. I used the coupon to by the Happy Baby Apple Puff's and my Atlanta LOVES them! Recycle Bank has many other rewards you can get with the points you earn. I was able to print off a $1.00 off Back to Nature coupon, and a $1.00 off Dagoba Chocolate coupon (we all know how much I LOVE chocolate!). If you click on the picture of my happy baby below, you will be directed to Recycle Bank. Note: This is a referral link and will earn me 10 points. I thank you in advance!!

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Thanks so much for your encouraging words!