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Monday, August 1, 2011

Cheerful Cherry Lovin' Girl!

This is the first year my Savannah has ever had cherries. I try to only buy fruit when in season and tis the season for cherries!! I told her they were cherries and said said "strawberries?" I said "no cherries". She replied "sherries....yum I LOVE sherries!". You can tell by her face that she enjoyed them with every bit of her being. I even put some cherries in the little netting thing for the baby to chew on and he seemed to like them as well.

What's your favorite way to eat cherries?

What is your favorite variety of cherries?

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  1. My mouth is watery just by looking at the cherries. Your princess smile can melt hearts!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  2. She's adorable!

    Happy RT.

    Mine's here.

  3. Awwwww.....Happy TTT....enjoy your sherries!

  4. Bing cherries are my favorites. I wish they weren't so expensive - though we grow them in California. I could easily eat a pound at a sitting!

    My Ruby Tuesday is here:

  5. i love 'em all!:p
    we don't grow cherries here, they're imported and expensive. i buy cherries once in a while, or relatives living abroad would send some.

  6. She is so cute, she really does love those sherries.

    I like them fresh but my hubby loves it when I make a fresh cherry pie.

    My favorite is the Rainier, they are so delicious.

  7. I love cherries, and just eat them fresh! There are only two kinds of cherries that I saw around here and that are red and yellow ones. I love them both!

  8. Looks like she had a blast and thought it was super yummy. :-) I used to have a bing cherry tree. We went on a three weeks vacation and came back to find it dead. huhu. I eat them the way they come, but ripe and firm. My favorite has to be bing cherries.

    Thanks for playing along this week and linking to TTQ. Have a great weekend.

  9. Hello..she's got it right (lol) I don't have a favorite but grab them when in season as we don't have them here.
    I really enjoy them and eat them plain. One of my boys likes to make pies and cherry is one of them because of his Grandma. It's much too sweet for me? Wishing you a good day-


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