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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why I Love chickens

Everyone seems to have an opinion about my chickens. My mom thinks the kids will die from salmonella poisoning and she will be allergic to their "chicken dander". My husband hopes they drown in the next big rain. My neighbor loves them and keeps trying to get me to take a couple more. And oddly enough the new babysitter I recently hired has a flock of her own chickens in her backyard. It seems anyone I meet who finds out I have chickens either love or hate the idea. So I am going to stake my claim once and for all for everyone who will read this why I decided to get chickens.

  1. Fresh Eggs
  2. Fun for the kids
  3. I love chickens and have always wanted them (ok perhaps this should be #1?)
  4. Education for children (and you know how many adults think you must have a rooster to get eggs??? Bet you thought that too!)
  5. Sustainability....that's the "in" thing right now sustainable living!!
  6. Pest control .... good bye terminix hello chickens!
  7. Got scraps? Chickens will eat almost all your leftovers...just throw the table scraps into the coop and they will gobble them up!!
  8. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!!!! My chicken coop and pretty much everyone I have talked to have made their coops with all recycled material they found on the curb!
  9. Fertilizer.....chicken poop is the best fertilizer (note: I did not say the best smelling fertilizer)
  10. They really arn't expensive to keep click here to see how much I've spent on my chickens.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my good friend "Gene" from Living So Abundantly for giving my blog a good spring cleaning and encouraging me to write about my chicks!!!!!!!




  1. I'd love to have chickens someday, mostly for the fresh eggs, but all your other reasons (esp. pest control, which I could really use!) are great too.

  2. I think that it is great that you are a passionate person. When you get into something, you go head first. I'm glad you love your chickens, girl! :0)

  3. That's awesome that you have your own chickens! Who doesn't love "farm" fresh eggs. So, are the chickens hard to care for??

  4. @suburban: chickens have to be the easiest animal i have ever cared for. i plan on writing more on the care of chickens etc. on my blog so stay tuned :0)

  5. I desperately want to raise chickend but my hubby says no. Maybe I can use this post to convince him? ;)

  6. All good reasons to love chickens, I wish I could keep some!

  7. I would love to have chickens! We'd have to build a nice sturdy coop for them, though, because we have coyotes, foxes, and the occasional roaming big dog.

  8. Great pro-chicken list! I think I'll go make myself and my daughters some eggs for breakfast now. I don't think they'll taste as good as yours, though.

    Stopping by from O Amanda's TTT

  9. Great list! I have NO experience with outdoor animals, but I would love to do chickens sometime. I shell out cash for pasture-raised eggs, but someday, when I have kids, I'd love for them to see where eggs really come from! Our area doesn't allow us to have chickens, but there's a huge local push to change the law.

  10. Great post! I love chickens! We have a local store around here that had a pet chicken roaming around, i used to love going there with my mom just to see her, but then someone came in and complained about health issues with the food which was ridiculous because the food was packaged and put away. I was so sad. Anyways, have a great day!



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