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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Crazy Cat

This is a picture of my cat Cyrano. He is a Hawaiian ditch kitty. When we lived in Hawaii, we would always see poor dirty ditch kitties wondering around homeless. A good friend of ours found a litter of kittens who did not have a mommy!! My friend was unable to care for all the poor little ditch kitties and asked if I could take one. I said of course! That is how we got Cyrano. It was funny because my friend was reading a letter I wrote her and in the letter I said that my "new cat Cyrano was a little crazy and was afraid of the litter box". Well, 5 years later that is still true. He has been kicked out of the house and lives in our crawl space under the house because he refuses to use the litter box!!! I can't have that with my two kids!! I joked that my little Sarah would find a presant from Cyrano and stick it in her mouth. YUCK!! So out he went to live in my backyard (yes, chickens and all).


  1. aww! what a cutie! great capture!

    what a lovely blog as well.

    happy weekend!


  2. Cute face of Cyrano :)

  3. Pretty kitty, glad he has a safe place to live and leaves the chickens alone.

  4. Ewwww! I'd kick him out, too! Just isn't a house cat! Thank you for visiting my cottage country !

  5. Such a beautiful shot!

    Camera Critters at my page. Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm sure your back yard is a whole lot better than a ditch! Cyrano has a very interesting face. I like his coloring.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  7. Darling! I love cats....cats rule!!

    Do stop by if you have time to view my:


    Hope your weekend is treating you well!!

  8. Cyrano sounds happy even though he has to live outdoors. :)

  9. this photo is so funny..cats are so curious about everything! lovely!

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