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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day in the Life Part 2 - Dirty Laundry and Boo Boos

9:00 am - Woke up with Savannah, funny thing is she always cries if she wakes up with me, but if she wakes up alone and walks out of the room to find me she's fine??? Weird!! Anyway, Daddy was still awake so she snuggled with him on the couch while eating a banana and watching Sesame Street. I checked my Facebook and updated my pathetic!!!!

9:45 am - Got my homemade apple crisp in the oven and made Savannah and I a toasted English Muffin and some chopped apple.

10:00 am - Daddy wants to go to bed and there is a mountain of laundry to be done! So we pull out the laundry into the hall so Daddy can sleep. Savannah helps with the clothes baskets and she "helps" keep all the clothes "IN" the basket.

10:30 am - First load of laundry in the wash, apple crisp out of the oven. It is no TV time, so Savannah and I eat our apples and read a book. I give in to myself and turn Bay News 9 on...they have the weather every 9 minutes. I see that AGAIN it is suppose to feel like 110 degrees outside. That's hot even to a Floridian!!!

10:45 am - Grandma calls from Ohio, Savannah talked on the phone to her, so cute!! She even said hello to her 95 year old Great Great Grandma!!! We had sent Great Great Grandma a flag Savannah made at school. Grandma said she really liked it.

Savannah with Great Great Grandma (this is an older photo!)

11:00 am - Getting ready to brave the heat. Savannah was dressed and ready to go and was playing on her Dora Van when there was a Dora Van accident. I don't know how she did it, but she flipped off the Dora Van and hit her forehead. I pick her up, no bleeding, just a very red eyebrow.

11:15 am - We enter the VERY hot outdoors, she is so excited!!! She takes off to our neighbors house, we could hear them outside. She bangs on the gate and my neighbor Tina (who watches her every Monday) lets her in. She is SO happy, she runs to her friend Jasmine who is 4 years old and trips over a stick skinning her knee. It is not Savannah's day today!!! She sobs into my chest, and then wants Tina to hold her too. Tina gets out her umbrella stroller and lets us borrow it to walk to the lake (originally I was going to let Savannah walk the whole four blocks). They are getting ready to leave, so they can't come to the lake with us. So I get Savannah into the stroller and off we go!!!

11:30 am - It is hotter than blue blazes!!! I ask myself what we are doing out here, Savannah's knee is bleeding and covered in dirt and she is whining by the time we walk the 4 blocks. I get her out of the stroller to see it gave her a rash all over the back of her legs. GREAT!!!! But she sees the ducks and is SO happy!! She starts running in the grass towards the ducks and birds. They follow her everywhere hoping we brought something to eat. We did not...but they still follow her. She is laughing and having a great time, and the Lord blessed us with a few cool breezes under a shade tree. By this time I am glad I made the trek down here.

12:00 pm - The ducks and birds realize we have no food for them so they move on across the lake. I get Savannah back in the stroller and we head home. The walk home was like walking through a ghost town. This time of year in Florida, no one goes out of there house unless they are headed to the beach, and even then the beach is filled with mostly tourists. Floridians wait until the cooler winter months to venture out. But when you have a toddler, you can't stay locked up inside the house all day!!!

12:15 pm - We get in the house and quickly get some ice water for both of us. She chants "shrink shrink shrink" so excited for something to cool her down!! I get some cool bath water running so I can clean her knee. I see she is covered from head to toe in a heat I hope the bath will help with that too.

12:30 pm - After I get her dried off and ready for nap, she asks to read a book. So I give her a snack and a "shrink" and we sit down and read books. She is rubbing her eyes, so it is nap time.

1:00 pm - Lay down with Savannah and she falls to sleep quickly. I enjoy about an hour nap myself before getting up to write this blog post while she sleeps!!!

4:00 pm - Yes, she slept that long!! I guess our walk paid off!!!! This is where I will say goodbye until next time!!! Hope someone will enjoy our day full of boo boos, rashes and dirty laundry!!!


  1. Love the day in the life.

    And that picture with great great grandma? Priceless.

    Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. Savannah is gorgeous! Looks like an amazing day :)

    I'm your newest follower, by the way!


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