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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crazy Squirrel

When we go to Sawgrass Lake Park, we normally take pictures of the aligators, birds or turtles. But this time, there was this crazy squirrel that would run away when we walked by. I think we are all trained to think that is what squirrels should do, so when this little guy wouldn't kinda freaked me out.

I also tried my hand at a little "photography". I thought I had found the perfect background for a nice shot of the kids. So I set them up on this bench to take the photo. Oh....they looked so cute!

Two seconds after taking this photo....they both fell backwards into the bushes. My aunt said I should have taken a picture of that tooo...but all the screaming and crying prevented me from thinking about that!! Thankfully......they were ok :0)

Happy Camera Critters!!!!


  1. What adorable photos!

  2. Cute squirrel and a cute shot of the kids. They both have beautiful smiles. Have a great day!

  3. Sometimes squirrels will do that with me too. I think they expect to be fed. That is an adorable photo of the kids, I love those smiles.

  4. Lovely captures.
    I hope they didn't hurt themselves.


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!