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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Give Back Thursday #6 - Gardening

I have a dream. A dream of transforming my little plot of land into a beautiful backyard garden. But until then, I have my 3 small containers full of plants. Well my Give Back Thursday post is about teaching children how to garden. If you grow up in the city and your parents are busy working all the time chances are you don't get to get your hands dirty in the soil very often. This summer I volunteered to watch our good friend M every Wednesday. I wanted to teach her and my Savannah about planting and gardening. M helped me drag out the soil. She found little rocks around the yard to put into the containers to help with drainage. We planted and watered our seeds. Every week when she comes to visit one of the first things we do is go look at our plants. We look to see how big they got and if they have any buds. Unfortunetly, M's planter she took home didn't fair well. But that teaches a good lesson about trying again!

How did you give back this week? We can't wait to hear about how you gave back to someone else.

Here is the container we planted and what it looks like
6 weeks later!


  1. Oh how precious! I love this idea. Your pictures are treasures and the time you've given to this project (and two precious girls) is immeasurable. What a way to shelter!



Thanks so much for your encouraging words!