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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baseball Baby

We took the kids to there 3rd baseball game this season. Savannah and Atlanta always have a great time at the game. The Tampa Bay Rays make it very fun and afordable for familes to go to the games. Many people ask me how I can get two kids as young as my kids to be good during a baseball game. Here are some tips and ideas.

  • Get them involved by having them clap, cheer and root on their favorite team.
  • Remember, if they are loud, who cares it is a baseball game!!!
  • At Ray's games people love to ring cow bells. What kid wouldn't have fun with that? Even my little man had fun shaking his bell!
  • Bring a little activity book that fits in your purse....just in case the game gets a little long.
  • Don't be afraid to get up and walk around. I usually take Savannah with me to get a refreshment just so she can stretch her legs.

This photo was taken at the end of the game.
Clearly, it was past their bedtime.
We have had a great time this summer going to baseball games and hope to catch one more before the season is through. Savannah, our two year old already says "Go RAYS!" every time she sees baseball on television. Nothing like starting them young!

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  1. What fun, and what a cute family. As I type this my dearest and my SIL have taken the to boys 10 and 12 to a Dodger Game.

    Love baseball, so I'm watching it tonight on TV while visiting blogs for ABC Wed.

  2. Fun. Also, pay attention, for safety's sake, especially down the foul lines past the netting.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. You can make anything fun, Georgia! :) Your kiddos are blessed to have you as a mama!

  4. By coincidence, I listened to my first commentary of a baseball game this weekend, the Rays versus the Royals.

    The BBC have started to put baseball on one of their digital radio stations every Sunday evening, but I'm afraid I couldn't understand what was going on!

  5. My kids are divided--two of them LOVE baseball, and two of them just love the peanuts and ice cream at the games, so these are great tips for us!

  6. Baseball is not so popular here in our country, but there are teams of children who are into it and I guess that is a really good sport for the kids. You have such adorable-looking kids. : )


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