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Monday, June 6, 2011


I work with kids. I have heard lots of cute and funny things they have said, but this particular conversation really made me laugh.

Child: My dad is REALLY old
Me : Oh, well I am sure he is not that old, come on over here and let me weigh you (I'm a nurse).
Child: Ok, but seriously, my dad is REALLY old
Dad: Ok buddy, listen to the nurse.
Child: But dad you are really old right?
Dad: Sure, just follow the nurse.
Child: Nurse, my dad is way old you know how old he is?
Me: That's ok, so what brings you in today?
Child: My dad is 30 years old, he just had a birthday.
Me: Well, happy birthday dad! I hope to see you around next year! You never know you might not make it!!!
Me and Dad: Laughter

I just love how no matter how hard you try to redirect a child, they sometimes get determined to tell you what they want to tell you know matter how embarrassing.


  1. That is just too funny. They say you should distract children if you want to get them away from something they shouldn't play with. Babies are not stupid. If they want something they will go back to it. At least my 13 month old will.
    Thanks for stopping by Tots and Me. To answer your question, I write down the things they say on the nearest scrap of paper or I will forget it (terrible memory) the problem is, come Monday night I can usually not find them to write the post. I am sure there are one or two out there I will find in time for next week. Actually I have gotten into running to the computer if I can get to it and just starting a draft of the next Tuesday's post. That is where I had two of this week's
    I love reading about your chickens. I don't think we can have them around here, sounds like something the kids would love though. They enjoyed visiting their grandparents chickens recently.

  2. Oh dear! I'm turning 31 tomorrow... wonder how old that makes me ;-)

  3. That's just too funny and I hope Daddy didn't take it too seriously now that he's over 30! Boy, he's old.....NOT! :-)

  4. that is just ancient :) I love what they think is "old"!

    Happy TTT

  5. I bet you really could write a book about the funny things you've heard. So cute!! Thanks for posting.


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