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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thankful Heart

I'm a nurse. I work at a pediatric office. I see sick kids every day. I often notice that parents think their kids are "always sick" and worry endlessly about the sniffles, or that cough that "just won't go away". I understand these concerns because I am a mom too. I always worry about my kids. But sometimes as a nurse you see a kid, or a family that puts the sniffles, and the cough into perspective and makes you truly thankful for the happy, healthy, smart, playful, funny, cute children you have. It makes you thankful that you are there for them to clean them, feed them, nurture them and love them. After the rocky start baby Atlanta had, it really made me thankful for the children I have!


  1. I work in a hospital and part of my job is to review patient charts for quality measures. I see a lot of sad cases. Our health, and our family's health, is something to be thankful for.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and so true. We need to put our "sniffles" into perspective because there are so many children out there with much worse conditions that they have to suffer through! Love the photo! U have beautiful kids! God bless you for being a nurse and serving in that way!

  3. insightful and am very happy to read your post. I love children too and worked with children with special needs. I saw the love of parents and support groups overflowing and am thankful to God for nurses like you. Blessings for you today and the days to come.

  4. I can add my thanks for this as well. I have been blessed with very normal, uneventful pregnancies and births - and on top of that, my children have no real health issues. It is indeed, an incredible blessing.

    My thankful post is HERE.

  5. You have a great way of putting things into perspective and making the most of your situations. I like that about you!

  6. It's so easy to take our health for granted! I'm a nurse as well, and like you, I'm frequently reminded of God's faithfulness in preserving our bodies!


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!