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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My good friend will like this post. My mother would also be proud. I am not a list person, and often feel like making a list of goals, is just making a list of things that may not get done!! I always feel pressure with making a list of goals, but have decided to make one! This past week/weekend has been a hard one for me, and I feel that I didn't get to much accomplished. So perhaps this list will make me feel more accomplished as I get to cross things off!!!

So these are pretty basic....pretty simple....and if you want to come over to help let me know :0)

  1. finish putting the babies room together
  2. finish the laundry (can this one truly ever be crossed off??)
  3. clean the kitchen
  4. mop the floors
  5. get rid of the under the house cat once and for all! (free to a good home!)
  6. make some dairy free freezer meals for after baby comes
  7. organize my craft table
  8. get together some Christmas gifts, wrapped and ready to hand out
  9. clean out the fridge
  10. convince my lovely husband to clean the bathroom (yes, he shockingly doesn't volunteer for jobs...of any sort)

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Thanks so much for your encouraging words!