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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Key West Iguana

We had an awesome time in Key West, Florida! It was our last hoorah before baby number two makes his entrance into the world! They had some really neat wildlife including this large reptile. The green iguana is NOT native to Florida. They came to Florida from the exotic animal trade. People would purchase iguanas as pets and not be able to maintain them. Their owners would then let the iguanas go into the wild where they flourished thanks to Florida's tropical environment.


  1. We have an iguana in our extended family but he is not as beautiful as the one who is blending in so well with the tender greenery. The best to you and the little one you carry.

  2. What a very interesting post for the I Day, Georgia! Love your photos! Hope you're enjoying a great week!


  3. ...actually a very beautiful creature! Was this guy visiting the grounds of your hotel? I LOVE Key West too!

  4. Oh the shame of the pet trade - a place for unscrupulous money makers.
    A wonderful capture!

    ABC Team

  5. i see the iguana has adapted well; great camo
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. yes, this iguana was by the pool at our hotel! i was told by the staff he likes to hang out there and beg for food :0) Didn't see that happen, but it did make me laugh!!! We saw about 5 in a field as we were driving home, I guess they are all over South Florida!

  7. Omigoodness. Isn't he a wonderful color? We didn't see any iguanas when we were in Key West, or we'd have taken a picture for our collection of iguanas-around-the-world photos.

    Alberta, Canada

  8. Creepy but that green color looks so awesome!!

    Pixellicious Photos


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