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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jolly good time!

 Savannah having a jolly good time, with a sleepy cat at the Hemingway House in Key West, FL. The Hemingway house was full of cats, all with their signature 6 toed paws. My Savannah didn't care about how historical the place was, she just wanted to find all the cats! They were hiding under things, in things and on top of things!! She had a great time...and so did we :0)


  1. What a beautiful little girl and sweet, sleepy cat! And what a great post for the J Day! Delightful capture! Hope you're enjoying a lovely week!


  2. Your Savannah is truly a joy to behold!
    The Hemingway house was one of my favorite places in Key West & the cats were so sweet.
    Did you get to go up into the lighthouse nearby?

  3. She's so adorable! so is the cat.

  4. What a great day of fun for the little one. Jolly, indeed.

  5. Babies find ways to have JOLLY good times!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. To Lilly: no we didn't get to go to the lighthouse, we got an awesome picture of it though from the second floor of the house. it was FAR to hot and between having an 18 month old and being 7 months pregnant, i didn't think we would make it to the top :0)


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!