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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Works for me Wednesday's!

The biggest life saver (and I use that as an inside joke, because everyone always said my feeding pillow looked like a life preserver) is the My Brest Friend feeding pillow! My daughter was only 6lbs 11 oz when she was born and I am very large up top. I had a difficult time trying to position her, position me, get comfortable AND try to learn the art of breastfeeding! I had read that this pillow was the number one choice of lactation consultants, so I had purchased one with a gift card I had gotten from my baby shower. It was worth EVERY penny. I literally would take it with me everywhere I went until she was to big for it. This really worked for me!!!

If you have anything that really works for you, or want to read more Works-For-Me Wednesday post's, check out their sight!!


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!