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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Operation Chirstmas Child - In July

My great friend over at Living So Abundantly wrote a wonderful blog post about Operation Christmas Child! She encouraged me to do the same to help get as many people as we can to send a shoebox for needy kids this year. I told her I would write a post about how to send out a shoebox, and still stay with-in your budget. Let's be honest, this year has been tough financially on all of us. I have read on other blogs about people being critical of those of us trying to be "thrifty" with our Operation Christmas Child box. The reality is, it is better to give, even a little, than not to give at all. The Bible doesn't say to tithe only when we bring home a good paycheck. I feel it is the same thing with Operation Christmas Child. I would rather give what I can than not give at all. I am sure a needy child abroad will appreciate whatever I have to give! So now, stepping off my soapbox, check out all the big school supply sales and you can really get a lot for your money!!! Be aware, Operation Christmas Child does not allow liquids of any sort to be sent, so lay of the twenty-five cent liquid glue (grab the glue sticks instead) and have fun!! You can also look though all those BOGO toiletries you have sitting up in your closet!  Although American children may not appreciate a new toothbrush and some toothpaste in their stocking, a kid who doesn't even have a tooth brush will be very happy! Let your kids make them a nice card and you can even include a picture. Click on the Operation Christmas Child link or check out Living So Abundantly for more information and don't forget to let her know you appreciate her post!!!!

Ok, so not the best picture, cat not included  in shoe box! LOL

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  1. I love your charitable heart. While I haven't done this particular program, last Christmas my students sent huge boxes of supplies to soldiers in IRAQ.

  2. My family has participated in this program for several years and would not be able to fill the boxes nearly as well without coupons, clearance sales and back to school deals. Thank you for your post. I like your feline helper :-), too.

  3. That lizard will make any child happy! :) What a wonderful post. =)


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