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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi! I'm Brooke I Am Georgia's Neghibore.

I Am A Gymnast For Bayside gymnastics and cheer leading. But we made a HUGE change about the gym. we bought the unit next to us and now we have a 21,000 feet around. we have some new sports i guess you could say. to add on to the gymnastics and cheerleading; now we have dance,  martialarts, and tumbling!we have alot of gymnastic coaches about over maybe 20. for right now we have levels to mommy n' me classes to stage to levels 1-9 for now. are highest gymnast in the gym is Tiffany!. (me Brooke I'm in level 4 miss.Ashley's group. i am the one that is in first place in the picture down below i was at the Jungle gym gymnastic meet). the dance teacher is named Julie. marshallarts teacher(i don't know his name but ill get it back to you). the tumbling teacher is coach nick and some other. the cheerleading teachers are Carey and Nicole. the owners of Bayside are Shelli and Anthony. they have two kids named Paige and Phoenix a boy and girl(Paige,7 Phoenix,8) please come and visit are gym if you are out of town or looking for a gym to go to FREE TRY OUT CLASSES!! also i forgot. one of the owners Anthony does an adult stage Mondays and Thursdays! (NO LAST NAMES INCLUDED)

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