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Monday, June 20, 2011

Say what???

My two year old has a pretty extensive vocabulary. She talks pretty well. I am her offical translator though. When she meets someone new (or even for her dad sometimes) I have to repeat what she said in English. I am going to try to convey to you what she says....than my translation. Enjoy!

Savannah: Mommy hom find me in hovers daddy too
Translation : Mommy come find me under the covers, find daddy too

While driving in the car
Savannah: Mommy I want my chicken purse
Me: You want what?
Savannah: I WANT MY CHICKEN PURSE and then fryfry
Translation (this one took some real thinking on my part)
I want to eat my chicken first and the my french fries

How Savannah sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Deter deter little sar (unintelligable) are apple bov the world so high ike a amond in the sky deter deter little sar


  1. so sweet... i love their little voices and the sweet way they say things... i did some translations for my TTT this week too. :-)

  2. So you are bilingual: English & Toddlerish. We mommies all should put that on our resume! :-)

  3. How cute! She has an incredible two year old singing voice, I might add. No, I'm not biased! She really does. ;)


Thanks so much for your encouraging words!